Critical Mistakes of an Inexperienced Sexual Assault Lawyer

An inexperienced and amateur sexual assault lawyer can ruin your defence, no matter how much evidence or how many witnesses you have on your side. Considering the fact that there are so many grey areas in these types of cases, it is important that your lawyer chooses his or her arguments carefully and knows which points of weakness to attack in the prosecution’s statements. Here are a few potentially critical errors of an inexperienced sexual assault attorney:

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Sometimes prosecutors will try to force the defence into accepting a plea bargain by making up allegations and charges as much as possible. A simple case of sexual harassment can easily be turned into a case of attempted rape, even if there is no evidence for it. Defendants may then get frightened and think that it is better to accept a plea bargain even if they are not guilty. A good sexual assault attorney will be able to see through this trick and advise his or her client accordingly, in order to avoid any rash decision-making.

A good lawyer would have excellent cross examination skills. The purpose of cross examination is to get the individual to respond in the manner you anticipate, and this is why a good lawyer will almost always know how an individual will respond to their questions. If they ask questions that are too vague or broad, they will miss the mark and risk losing credibility.

If DNA plays a key role in the proceedings of the case, it is important for a sexual assault lawyer to carefully evaluate and acquire professional interpretation of everything that is going to be presented during the trial. Sometimes, a DNA analyst will present potentially confusing results that favour the prosecutor. DNA or fingerprints are not always as negative as they may initially appear. As a matter of fact, some cases with a positive outlook can even wind up resulting in convictions. Therefore, before choosing a lawyer, make sure that he or she has ample experience with this type of evidence.

Whether you are looking for a sexual assault lawyer or a driving lawyer in Abbotsford, it is always important to carry out diligent research and look into a variety of options. Ask your friends, family members and neighbours for recommendations on the best attorneys in your area. Additionally, you can perform an online search to obtain a list of reputable lawyers practicing in your local area.

Once you have come up with a list of prospective lawyers, it is time to assess their skills and capabilities. First, you must confirm that they have a lot of experience dealing with cases similar to yours. Ideally, your prospective lawyer must have at least six years of practical experience. Not only will an experienced lawyer know more about the local laws and provisions, but he or she will also have a better relationship with the judge. Second, check to see if your prospective lawyer is qualified and trained. Experience and knowledge go hand in hand as far as a legal practice is concerned. Thus, you need to think about this before choosing a driving lawyer in Abbotsford. 

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