Family Law Services in Kitchener

Family unions are very complex relationships with serious legal and financial implications. Since family cases are often emotive, it is only appropriate to involve professional legal experts when faced with such cases. Fortunately, there are law firms that are fully committed to providing topnotch family law services. These law firms have professional family lawyers that can provide you with unmatched legal advice and courthouse representation.


Family Law Services in Kitchenerfamily law
If you need professional legal assistance in family law matters in Kitchener, there are properly staffed law firms that can help. The seasoned lawyers at these firms are able to personalize their services to your exact situation and they always treat their clients with respect and compassion. Whether you would like to file for divorce or are looking for specialists in drafting comprehensive cohabitation agreements in Kitchener, these firms can help. Their services cover:

1. Cohabitation Agreements in Kitchener
In case you are currently in a common law relationship where you live together with your partner but split financial responsibilities, under Canadian law, you do not have the same rights as married couples. Should the relationship end, you are not guaranteed of an equal split of assets. To protect yourself, as well as your partner, you need to create a cohabitation agreement. This is basically a contract between two people who live together or are planning to start living together but are not married. It normally stipulates their rights as well as obligations in case they part ways. This helps them to avoid unnecessarily nasty and expensive disputes.

2. Divorce Law
If you are planning to file for divorce, you should ensure that you have the backing of an experienced legal professional. Fortunately, these firms have qualified divorce lawyers that have enough experience in their field of practice. Their seasoned lawyers can offer you superior legal advice or provide you with unparalleled legal representation in your adversarial divorce case. They have experience in dealing with different kinds of divorce agreements as well as cases and can represent clients with very complex financial situations, helping them to reach an agreement that will suit their needs.

3. Child Custody
The outcome of a child custody dispute is always dependent on the decision that the court makes. Unless the custody order is obtained or the court makes that decision, the law gives both parents equal rights to their children. It is therefore advisable to get the court to grant you custody of your child or children first, in order to be safe from the counter motions that your spouse may file. However, this always involves a complex process and that is why you need professional legal assistance. Fortunately, these firms have some of the best child custody lawyers who will not rest until you have been granted full custody of your children.

These law firms have also specialized in the areas of spousal support, child support, as well as separation agreements. Their seasoned lawyers will put up a very spirited fight to ensure that all of your rights are granted and protected. Whether you are looking for experts in divorce law or cohabitation agreements in Kitchener, these law firms can meet your needs.

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